Renting Cinémobile trucks

Cinémobile is a movie theater you can rent for your festival. For temporary or long-term events, Ciclic offers a solution tailored to specific requirements.

In an hour, Cinémobile heavy trucks are transformed to offer the comfort of real movie theaters with 80 or 100 seats and ensure high-quality screening conditions:

  • complete projection room with digital equipment
  • movie theater with heating and cooling system, and Dolby sound syste
  • access for persons with reduced mobility
  • qualified operators/projectionists deal with the entire process: driving the heavy truck, installing the equipment, projecting the movie and cleaning the room. Besides, they greet the public.

The truck can be used for up to 18 hours per day. Thanks to the configuration and equipment of Cinémobile truck, you can create an "intimate atmosphere" which is conducive to listening and exchanging ideas during projections with participants and encounters with the public for instance.

For further information, you can download the following document.